Enactus USA Team Requirements: Leadership Positions

August 26, 2020

To be an active member of Enactus United States, we require that our teams maintain an accurate roster within our membership platform.

Enactus has thousands of teams and tens of thousands students around the world and its important that we maintain an accurate record of the total number of our members across all of our teams.

Thus, its vital that each team is accurately representing the members on their team by having each member register an account.

Register and update your account here: https://portal.enactus.org/

An accurate representation of the full size and scope of our network helps us attract and retain the funding needed to operate Enactus.

A note for new or rebuilding teams:

You're not immediately required to have all 5 positions from the start. However, getting these 5 leadership positions in place and beginning to hold executive meetings should be your priority. You should set a goal of having all 5 of these positions recruited within 90 days.

Each of these positions have Job Descriptions within the Resources page of the Enactus Training Center:

Required Staff Position(s)

Primary Faculty Advisor

  • Each team must have at least one Primary Faculty Advisor.
  • They must be a staff or faculty member of the university (full or part time).
  • Additional advisors are to be listed as Co-Advisors.
  • Faculty and staff who operate as co-equal leaders can both list as Primary Faculty Advisor.

Required Student Leadership Positions

In addition to keeping record of the sum total of all of our members, we believe its important that each Enactus team has a minimum structure in place as represented by your Official Team Positions.

While your team may have a slightly different structure, we do require that your team conforms to our positions by linking at least one member on your team to each of the positions below.

You are not required to change the structure of your team to fit our naming convention but you will have to find a leader that fits into that category. For instance, if you do not have a single Vice-President (2nd in command) we encourage that you place your VP of Membership or your Chief Operating Officer within that role.

Please post any questions about this topic to this thread on Enactus+.
Official Team Position drop down menu.

President/Overall Team Leader

Each team must have at least one President or Overall Team Leader. If your team operates with an Executive Council with no single person as the overall leader, you must still designate one student in this position as they will serve as the primary contact with Enactus United States staff and partners.

Vice President/Number 2 Team Leader

If your team does not have a single Vice-President, you should place your VP of Membership or Chief Operating Officer in this position or any other member who is primarily responsible for recruitment and retention as those are foundational roles in keeping the team sustainable.

Overall Leader of Projects

The VP of Projects AND Project Leaders should be placed in this position.


Include any executive members that have a responsibility over the finances and budget. Include their actual title in the Role on Team field.


Also includes VP of PR, BAB roles, and other executive roles. Have each member include their actual title in the Role on Team field.

"Official Team Position" and "Role on Team"

In addition to the required "official team position" (which is a drop down), we strongly recommend that you add information in the "role on team" especially when the Official Team Position is not an exact match to the name of your actual position.

For instance, if you choose Vice President / Number 2 Leader and your actual title is VP of Membership be sure to include the title of your position in the "Role on Team" box.

When selecting multiple roles, please place your primary role on top, and each subsequent role below.


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