Get to Know the Enactus Social Media Leaders Cohort

October 6, 2020

Social media is a powerful tool.

It's quite possibly the most powerful tool available to each and every Enactus team.

Not only does it help you reach leaders across your campus, it also helps you tap into your local community, and across the world.

Following other Enactus teams is a great way to see what other teams are doing, and how they're functioning, gaining insights that you can adapt and apply within your team.

What is the Social Media Leaders Cohort?

The Social Media Leaders Cohort is a group of social media leaders from Enactus teams across the US.

They are passionate about the notion that #weallwin and they want to use their team's social media platforms to help empower and uplift other Enactus teams.

They will develop social media posts and other content to help you and your Enactus team develop even more effective social media presence.

So whether you're trying to create a brand new Enactus social media account, or looking to build upon an existing account, you'll want to tap into the efforts of the social media leaders cohort.

How Can You Get Involved?

Want to share your own tips and tricks with the Enactus network? Contact Isabella Rowland at to join one of the cohort’s bi-weekly meetings.

If you’re looking to start a social media for your team, or for ways to improve your existing social media channels,  reach out to one of the cohort’s founding members by email or send them a message on social media! 

Meet the Founding Members

Lindsey Temaat - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Director of Community Engagement & Outreach

Lindsey Temaat is a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies with a double emphasis in Interpersonal & Public Communication, and Journalism and Mass Communication, and holds an Associate of Arts degree from Allen Community College. While attending Allen, Lindsey was named 2019 Kansas Collegiate Media Journalist of the Year. Lindsey was a scriptwriter and presenter on the 2nd place competition team, and was named Enactus USA Marketing Leader of the Year in May of 2020 for her work as the Director of Marketing & Recruitment at UMKC Enactus.

Have a question about engaging community members or project partners on social media? Reach out! 

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Hunter Longenecker - Saint Francis University

Director of Brand Design & Content Creation

Hunter Longenecker is a junior Marketing and Management Information Systems major with a concentration in Digital Media and a minor in Communications from East Freedom, PA. He joined Enactus during his freshman year and became involved ever since, becoming the social media coordinator and now the Vice President of Marketing for the Saint Francis University Enactus team. 

Have a question about how to build a brand or create quality content for social media? Reach out! 

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Sara Schaarschmidt - Centenary University

Director of Marketing Sustainability

A fourth-year student working towards her MBA at Centenary University in Hackettstown, New Jersey, Sara Schaarschmidt has served on several committees on her school’s Enactus Team. She currently works as the head of Marketing & Social Media, and has enjoyed tapping into her leadership potential by taking on a role as Project Lead in the past year. Within the Enactus network, she also serves on the Student Advisory Committee and interned with Enactus Belgium in the summer months of 2020. 

Want to know how to maintain your team's brand across changes in leadership? Reach out! 

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Jillian Nafzinger - Mount Mercy University

Director of Marketing Strategy & Planning

Jillian Nafzinger is a junior at Mount Mercy University, majoring in Marketing with a hope to focus on social media and digital marketing. Jillian is from the small town of Wellman, IA, and joined Enactus her freshman year. She’s served as VP of Social Media in the past and is currently a Co-President of Mount Mercy Enactus.

Looking to create a streamlined marketing plan or implement a new social media strategy? Reach out! 

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Isabella Rowland - University of Florida

Director of Recruitment

Isabella Rowland is a senior at the University of Florida pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and is starting her Masters of Science in Marketing in January 2021. She is a member of the Enactus USA Student Advisory Committee and is  the Director of Operations for the Enactus University of Florida chapter.

Have a question about engaging and recruiting team members through social media? Reach out! 

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