How to recruit during social distancing?

September 4, 2020
Credit to City University of Seattle Enactus

New member recruitment was never easy and its become even more challenging during a pandemic with social distancing in place.

Leverage these strategies and tactics to keep your recruitment going strong whether or not your team is meeting in person or online.

Gain access to new students through professors and departments

A major component of recruitment is having a strong network of contacts who champion Enactus.

If other professors and departments know about Enactus and care about Enactus its more likely they will champion Enactus to their students.

Take Action:

1) Build a list of professors and staff that are not currently in your network.
2) Reach out to them (by phone or email) to pitch what Enactus is, why students should get involved, and how they can join.
3) Give them a clear call to action of how they can help:
  • help spread the word about Enactus through their department communications (newsletter, email, etc)
  • let Enactus pitch the organization during one of your upcoming classes -- either in-person or online.
  • personally encourage students who are passionate about social entrepreneurship to join Enactus
"We are mass-emailing schools within Rutgers about our organization and visiting online classes to do presentations to recruit students this semester due to the cancellation of our club fair."
Emily, Director of Marketing at Rutgers University New Brunswick

Remember, developing your network takes time and persistence.

Just think of how powerful it would be if each member on your executive board developed 1 meaningful relationship with a new professor or staff member on campus. And think how powerful it would be if each of those staff and faculty was able to refer 1 quality student per semester?

Grow your online presence through social media

With fewer in-person interactions, now is the perfect time to invest in your team's social media to reach new people.

We recommend following other Enactus teams as its one of the best ways to stay connected with and inspired by other Enactus teams.

Find other Enactus teams to follow here: "11 Enactus Teams to Follow on Instagram"

As you're trying to recruit new people remember to include clear calls to action so people who are interested know what to do -- join our next Zoom meeting, DM us to find out more, fill out this application form.

Belmont Enactus

Take Action:

1) Work with your team to grow your followers
2) Highlight existing team members so people within their network will learn about Enactus
3) Be clear that you're recruiting new members and provide a clear call to action on how to join
4) Post frequently. If you're struggling to come up with content follow other Enactus teams as well as Enactus United States and Enactus.

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