How to Start a New Enactus Team

October 9, 2020

This article will first outline the required steps of becoming an Enactus teams.

Then we'll share an outline of resources that will be helpful in understanding what Enactus is and why it will benefit you and your campus.

As a reminder, starting an Enactus team is free to your school and your students.

Steps to Join

1. Identify Your Primary Advisor

While Primary Advisors are typically teaching faculty, the primary advisor can be any employee of the university.

This Primary Advisor Best Practice Guide helps explain more about the role.

Review a variety of resources and articles for Advisors here:

2. Submit an Institutional Letter of Support

The Letter of Support is an important step in showing that the Primary Advisor has the support of their supervisor (a Department Head, Dean, or other VP level staff member).

The letter of support will be printed on the institution's letter head using the template below.

Share the letter with your primary contact or

Download the Letter of Support here.

3. Recruit the Required Leadership Positions

Now that you have your Primary Advisor, its important that you start recruiting your required student leaders.

Review the article below to understand what those leadership positions are and how to access resources for each position.

4. Develop Your Constitution & Bylaws

Oftentimes, your school will require a Constitution and Bylaws before you can be formally recognized on campus and receive funding.

Download this template Constitution and Bylaws to further inform your understanding of an Enactus team structure and function.

5. Complete New Team Orientation

The New Team Orientation course provides faculty and students foundational information about starting a strong Enactus Team.

The New team Orientation is separated into two courses, one for faculty and one for students. The students’ course is more in-depth and have students create specific outcomes based on what they’ve learned in the course. This includes a recruitment plan, a team funding plan and a project plan.  

Once you have submitted the Letter of Support, please email with the students and faculty that are to be enrolled

Understanding Enactus

What is Enactus?

This 4 minute video does a great job explaining Enactus. It's a great place to start.

Review the homepage at for more information.

Enactus on Social Media

Especially helpful in recruiting students, make yourself familiar with the social media accounts of some of our more active Enactus teams.

Checkout this article below which links to several Enactus Instagram accounts.

You can follow Enactus USA social media by scrolling to the footer at the bottom of the page.

Dive Deeper with the Enactus Training Center

We encourage you to dive deeper by exploring the Enactus Training Center which includes resources and articles on how to effectively run your Enactus team.

Our Resources are broken apart by the key leadership roles, so we encourage you to browse through all the resources by position.

The ETC also has a variety of Articles and Videos.

Enactus United States

General announcements from Enactus United States.

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