Introduce a sense of play and friendly competition in your meetings with Kahoot

October 6, 2020

Teams are looking for ways to introduce some fun and excitement into their online meetings.

Consider kicking off your online meetings with a short Kahoot game.

It should help engage your members to get things going.

Keep track of your leader-board to introduce a sense of friendly competition to carry over from week to week.

Below are 4 Kahoots that Enactus USA has developed for your use.

Feel free to use these in their entirety, or pull some questions while blending in questions unique to your team.

Enactus USA Kahoot #1

Enactus USA Kahoot #2

Enactus USA Kahoot #3

Enactus USA Kahoot #4

Share your feedback here on Enactus+ to let us know if you'd like more Kahoots and to share any Kahoots your team has made.

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