Our interview with Jassiem Renfro, the 2020 Executive Leader of the Year

October 6, 2020

I sat down and interviewed Jassiem Renfro, our 2020 Executive Leader of the Year.

I hope you'll find value in Jassiem's best practice sharing and insights.

The depth of their recruitment process, rigorous interview schedule, and training program is impressive!

Keep an eye out for future interviews and content related to the best practices shared in this interview series with our 2020 Leaders of the Year.

Watch the full video above or skip to a specific question with the links below.

[0:23] How did you get involved with Enactus?

[1:22] How has your team evolved over time?

[3:09] Were you involved with any other orgs that helped your Enactus experience?

[3:46] How does your team recruit and interview new members?

[4:43] What does your new member training program look like?

[8:58] Has your team always had such a rigorous interview and training program?

[10:05] How do you keep members engaged?

[12:08] Do you try to recruit specific majors and specific years?

[13:02] What is your organizational structure?

[13:43] How do you staff your projects ?

[14:23] How large is your team and your project teams?

[14:56] How has knowledge sharing and standardization helped your projects?[

17:03] How has knowledge sharing and standardization helped with team sustainability?

[17:46] What advice do you have for seniors and upperclass students?

[18:41] What advice would you have given to yourself when you were a Freshmen?

[19:40] How has Enactus impacted you personally?

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