This team is pivoting to understand the needs of their team and community

September 21, 2020

Ariel Davis, VP of Talent from the State University of New York at Fredonia (aka SUNY Fredonia), explains how their executive team has been holding online meetings this summer to brainstorm ways to to keep their members engaged.  

Since so much has changed, and the old playbook of how to run an Enactus team has been thrown out the window, now is the ideal time to survey your members to understand their feelings and attitudes.

With more than 80 members, a survey was the most practical tool for surveying their members across a wide variety of questions.

Within their survey they asked questions like:

  • are you coming back to campus? are you planning to remain engaged with Enactus?
  • would you feel comfortable with in-person meetings, a hybrid of in-person and online, or would you only feel comfortable with online meetings
  • what is your comfort levels in working with community partners?
  • are you interested in projects specifically related to Covid-19 from either a health perspective or helping small businesses, or something else entirely?

If your team is smaller, you might prefer to reach out to each member individually by phone or email.

Regardless of your method, its critical that your leadership is reaching out to your members now to understand their evolving interests and needs as they relate to this fall.

Based on that information, your leadership team will be able to more effectively plan for the upcoming semester.

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